How was your Thanksgiving?

Just checking in to see how your Thanksgiving went! Did you survive it? Was it a disaster? Was it maybe not as bad as you feared it would be?

My Thanksgiving wasn’t too bad actually. And I’m relieved that we are one 3rd of the way through the holiday season.

I would love to hear from anybody who has anything at all to say about how their Thanksgiving went, the good the bad the ugly, etc. and if you’re on a diet, were you able to stick to your diet at Thanksgiving? Or did your given diet take a serious nosedive, and now you are living with regret after eating too much stuffing, too many trimmings, too much gravy, too much pumpkin pie. Well, you get the picture.…

But today is another day, right? Of course it is! Oh, and by the way, we can all be thankful everyday of the year, right? We don’t really need a holiday to celebrate what ever we have to be thankful for. And for many of us, we have many many many blessings to be thankful for.

And even if your Thanksgiving wasn’t everything you had hoped it would be, remember that it was just one day in a series of many. And now, we move on to the next biggie. And you know what that one is!

Thanks for reading my latest post! Would love to hear from you!

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