E-Mail Readings. What are they and how do they work?

If you’ve never had an e-mail reading before, you may be wondering how is it even possible for someone to do a reading for you over e-mail.

Hello  and welcome to my blog! My name is Lisa Valentine, and I’ve been doing e-mail readings for quite a few years now. I thought it would be interesting to share with you my experiences as a reader, and how I’m able to do readings via e-mail in the 1st place, 2nd, and 3rd!

Before detailing some information about e-mail readings, I’d like to just mention that I spent several years doing phone readings.      I’m here to tell you that phone readings are very similar to e-mail readings. Why is this you may ask. How is it even possible that you could get a reading when the psychic reader doesn’t see you or in the case of an e-mail reading,hear your voice?

Well, everything in life is frankly one big mystery. That’s my humble opinion anyway. That also happens to be the style of how I read. That is to say, I don’t claim to know it all. I never stated anything is an absolute fact, or etched in stone.

What I do is simply open up to your energy and the dynamic within the given relationship you may be inquiring about, which also has an energy, which I can get a sense of. It’s similar to channeling energy and information. Sometimes I can hear phrases a person might say out loud or be thinking that key to where they are at in the relationship were within themselves in regards to the relationship, or even a potential relationship. In reading your energy, and the energy of the relationship you may be inquiring about, I do not need you to be here with me in person, and I do not need to hear your voice. Because energy in its purest form transcends all that, which is why e-mail readings are actually a very pure way of reading, in that there are no distractions.

I respect that life is a mystery, and that love is a mystery too. it’s kind of like planting seeds. You open up the seed packet, and sprinkle the seeds into the earth or pot with soil. You water the soil. You give the seeds a chance to grow by giving them sunlight. You have faith that they will grow into plants, and there is really no need to dig up the seeds every 5 min. and try and figure out how they’re possibly developing into plants. Unless you’re a scientist who studies how seeds germinate, there’s really no need to analyze or even ask why those little seeds are performing a miracle of life.

My opening up to your energy, the energy of a person you may be inquiring about, it is not forced, fabricated, or for that matter involving any kind of struggle at all. I simply relax, and allow the impressions to come through. I trust the process.

As far as energy goes, I’ve always been a very sensitive person. In fact, I’ve always been very empathic, which means I can feel what other people are feeling. So the kind of work I do is very emotion-based. In addition to this, I find relationships fascinating.

I also feel very compelled to reach out and help people within their relationships or potential relationships by sharing with them my insights, in order to help them find the best path to take for themselves, and the  healthiest one too.

Prior to the start of the reading, I ask you to give me one very brief specific question, without any other details. This is important because it helps you to focus on what it is you need to have clarified, and what goals you may have that you wish to achieve.

If the customer is unable to come up with a question, or if the question really isn’t a clear one, I can help with that.

However you slice it, it’s all about energy! Everything is energy. Energy is everything!

Stay tuned for more blog posts!    I look forward to hearing from you.   Please feel free to comment or fill in the form to contact me directly.

Lisa Valentine/Relationship Psychic.

Please visit my website to order your own reading with me:   http://www.advicebylisa.com

Content: Copyright 2013 Lisa Valentine  All Rights Reserverd


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